Forklift Tyres

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Forklift Tyres is the only part of a forklift truck that is always in contact with the ground. They provide grip for movement, friction for braking and an element of suspension for safety and comfort. The correct tyres in good condition are an essential aid to safe and efficient operations.

·         Pneumatic Tyre - The air pressure and volume within the tyre carcass supports the forklift and its load. High inflation pressures used and wheel integrity is extremely important to prevent potential tyre explosions which could be harmful or fatal.

Keep Active at Work

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While you may have heard that sitting all day at work may be bad for your health, you may not realise that small and frequent changes from sitting and less time sitting in total can mitigate the potential harm.

Keeping active at work is best for your health

Prolonged unbroken sitting time is associated with a range of health problems including musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, some cancers and premature mortality.


Achieving Good Visibility From Your Forklift

During forklift operations, operators rely on their vision to gather 90% of the information needed to carry out a task. It’s hardly surprising, then, that visibility issues play a role in more than 80% of forklift truck-related accidents.

Nowhere is this threat greater than when your trucks are lifting loads to heights from 3 to 13 metres. Here, visibility isn’t just desirable, it is absolutely crucial. Your workers are exposed to real danger from falling items if the operator isn’t in total control of every movement.

Changing and Charging a Forklift Battery Safely

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These days battery powered industrial forklifts are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to be used in a variety of applications and industries. There are various styles of battery electric forklifts and range from small motorized pallet trucks to much larger forklifts. Irrespective of the type of battery electric forklift that you may have, there are specific hazards associated with their batteries and their maintenance.

Pre-Start Safety Check

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Safety is always a number one priority within any workplace. That is why, it is important that forklift operators take a few minutes to complete a pre-safety check to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of the people around them. A pre-start safety check should be done every time you use a different forklift and at the beginning of each shift, as the forklift may not have been left in a safe condition by a previous operator.



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