October 2014 Safety Bulletin

Load Rating Plate4 octsaf

 All new forklifts and used forklifts are required to have a load capacity plate, this plate displays important safety information for the operator of the forklift.

A forklift's load capacity is defined as the maximum load in kilograms that a forklift is able to safely transport and stack, when operating on a hard level surface, the mast in the vertical position, with maximum lift height at a specified load center distance in millimeters. The load capacity data plate specifies the load each forklift can safely transport and stack at different mast angles or when it is fitted with an attachment and must be located within direct view from the operator's position.

September Newsletter

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Forklift service, reach stackers, and new staff feature in the September issue of the MLA Newsletter:

Ken's Korner

I am sure many of our employees often wonder where MLA stands in the Forklift Truck Industry in Australia. MLA is, and has always been, a profitable company and whilst it is not in the first two or three in the market share category we like to think we are, never the less, the market leader...

September 2014 Safety Bulletin

seat 1 sepsaf1

There are many risks associated with not wearing a seat belt while operating a counterbalance Forklift Truck, with overturning posing the biggest threat of operators being crushed. When a forklift overturns, the safest place for an operator is in the operator's compartment with the seatbelt buckled. This ensures the operator cannot try to jump out or be dragged out underneath the forklift if it tips. It is therefore of paramount importance that seat belt laws and regulations are strictly followed when operating a forklift truck. A sequential seat belt-travel motion interlock uses state of the art technology to ensure that the operator is buckled up before travel motion is possible.

August 2014 Safety Bulletin


Many serious accidents have occurred when people fail to use a correctly designed and constructed work platform, either from falls or being trapped by moving parts of the forklift elevating system.

Standing on the forklift tynes, on pallets or in stillages, are common causes of falls from height, while the improper use of a well-designed work platform can also result in serious injury.

July Newsletter



Electric forklifts, power pallet moversand new forklift releases all feature in the July issue of the MLA Newsletter:


Ken's Korner

During a clean- up of my files at the end of the financial year I found a memo that I had sent to all Managers back in December 1998. Yes! 15 years ago, but I believe its significance is still valid. The practice and implementation of this message will continue to play an important role in MLA's success.


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