The Noblelift Lithium Revolution  

The future of forklifts is here with Safer, Cleaner, More Productive Lithium Ion Batteries

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Noblelift Lithium battery systems result in significantly lower total cost of ownership when compared to lead acid batteries and fossil fuels.
Rapid charging is achieved due to Li-ion batteries taking a charge faster than Lead Acid batteries and with no damage caused by “Opportunity Charging”. NobleLift Li-ion batteries charge to 100% capacity in under 2 hours!

Second and third shift batteries are no longer required eliminating the risk of injury when changing batteries. Use one lithium battery per truck, which never needs to be removed from the truck.

Longer run times between charging. 4-5 times greater than lead-acid battery,

Longer-life batteries means fewer charge cycles, zero maintenance and lower service costs.

Lead Acid batteries produce Hydrogen gas when charged. Our lithium batteries can be charged anywhere as there is no gas from the battery. This saves the high capital cost associated with ventilating battery charging space.

Workplace risks associated with lead acid batteries are a thing of the past. No acid means no acid spills eliminating the need for costly battery safety equipment such as battery changers, shift battery management systems, single point watering systems, eye wash systems, acid resistant glasses & gloves.

Although lithium-ion batteries cost more initially than traditional lead-acid batteries they last up to five times longer than a lead-acid battery. Noblelift offers a three-year replacement
warranty on all Li-ion batteries. Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion technology does not experience negative sulfation effects during short charging and extended storage.Lithium-ion batteries also do not require water and do not contain acid. Lithium-ion batteries can be repeatedly opportunity charged to 100 percent capacity without an equalization charge, and no cool-down period is needed.