Used Reach Stackers T's & C's

Used Reach Stackers T's & C's

Linde Used Reach Stacker Sale

Terms & Conditions


  • Prices start from $150,000.
  • All listed prices are exclusive of GST.
  • Based on running condition. Price excludes transport and delivery, however transport can be provided at a cost.

Three Month Warranty Covers:

  • Engine. Includes the following internally lubricated parts: Pistons, piston rings, cylinder sleeves, main bearings, con rods, con rod bearings, oil pump, push rods, camshaft bearings, camshaft and crankshaft (Excludes harmonic balancer, damaged or worn key-way).
  • Cylinder block and head only if damaged by failure of any of the above covered components.
  • Power train-Gearbox automatic transmissions. (Excludes burnt/worn friction plates).
  • Differential internally lubricated components. (Excludes axles, drive shaft, wheel bearings and burnt/worn friction plates).
  • Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic pump motor and control valves only. (Excludes seals, damage caused by corrosion, pitting or impact).
  • Final Drive Hydraulic motor.
  • Electrical Starter motor, alternator. (Excludes electrical connectors and wiring harness).


For more information contact MLA on 131 652 and ask for the state manager or contact us here.