3 Hazards of workplace forklift use

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Forklifts are an incredibly useful tool, but safety must come first.


Forklift operators and pedestrians have a shared responsibility when it comes to powered industrial truck safety in the workplace. There are a number of factors and issues to consider making sure that everyone is in on the safety loop.

Here are three of the more prominent hazards of forklift usage:
1. Blind Spots
The load being carried can create blind spots for the operator. The forklift is often operated in reverse to help the driver see the area, so the operator must be comfortable working the controls to drive in reverse. Pedestrians should always stay clear of the driver’s blind spots.
2. Load Stability
Trucks and their loads can become unstable when operating on inclines, on wet, oily surfaces, and on rough terrain. Trucks and loads also are less stable when making fast turns and when the load is in the raised position.
The weight and size of the load has an impact on the truck’s stability. Pedestrians must be aware of the increased instability of a truck with a raised load, and position themselves away from the area where a load could fall during pick-up or placement operations.
3. Speed
The forklift’s weight and speed combine as momentum. Because forklifts handle such heavy loads, it makes sense that forklifts are heavier than cars. A forklift operating at a slow speed can do as much damage as a car driving about 24 kilometres per hour.

Forklift drivers should obey speed limits, but pedestrians should also stay in designated pedestrian walkways. Trucks will slow down and sound the horn at intersections, but pedestrians must watch for forklift traffic. It’s a good practice for the pedestrian and the truck operator to make eye contact to help ensure the pedestrian is recognized and can cross safely.
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