Hydraulic Attachments for Mitsubishi Forklifts
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The right tool for the job!

All around Australia MLA have specialists in the assessment of forklift applications and providing the safest and most productive solutions. MLA offer a wide variety of Hydraulic Attachments to suit Mitsubishi Forklifts.

These products enable a lift truck to pull, push, clamp, lift, side shift, position, tilt, extend and rotate practically any load imaginable. The correct forklift attachment will make any forklift operation safer and more efficient.

Side Shifters

Side shifters offers more than just visionary design. Look closely and you’ll discover other far-sighted features that improve performance, productivity and speed. It’s an investment that will pay off fast and carry you into the future.

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Fork Positioners

The side shifting fork positioner is recommended for lift trucks in distribution, warehousing and light manufacturing operations.

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Fork Rotator

Rotators are designed to give your driver the best possible visibility while quickly inverting loads.

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Fork Clamps

The clamp can be used to clamp loads between the forks...

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White Goods Clamp

Achieve all the benefits of handling unitised loads in your manufacturing and distribution operation with Carton Clamps...

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Bale Clamps

Bale Clamps enable forklift operator to clamp unpaletised loads...

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