Electric Forklifts: 1.3t to 2.0t - 3 Wheel Mitsubishi Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

1.3t to 2.0t - 3 Wheel Mitsubishi Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

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Over 20 years of independent tests don't lie. The single most important factor in increasing the productivity of a forklift is 'driveability'. It results from a combination of characteristics that allow the operator to be at one with the machine. Almost without thinking. Entirely without surprises. Totally in control. This is what drives our designers... and now brings you EDIA EM - our latest series of 1.3 to 2.0 tonne, 48V, 3 and 4 wheel electric counterbalance forklift.

Smooth, quiet and highly responsive electric steering, matched with user-friendly hydraulics, gives a sense of effortless control and makes operation a pleasure. Space, comfort, intuitively placed controls, easy access and clear views in all directions are built into the design. A host of safety features boost confidence still further – allowing your operator to focus entirely on delivering the goods.

Performance :

  • Powerful twin AC drive motor that provides maximum torque – in gradability, acceleration, tight turning radius, and smooth and constant traveling speeds.
  • Centralised AC control – this ensures comprehensive and centralized AC control for smooth and powerful operation,
  • Safety cruise – truck does not roll back on ramps even if the brake is released. Travelling reversed down a ramp; it maintains at a safe initial speed ensuring safe and efficient ramp operations.
FB13-20TCB 3-Wheel-Electric-Counterbalance AC-power-control-system-1

Productivity :

  • Electric Power Steering – the power steering motor is centrally controlled by the AC system. This system reduces power consumption by two-thirds compared to conventional hydraulic power steering.
  • Powerful AC producing high torque with rapid and smooth lifting motion. With power and control in the operator’s hands.
FB13-20TCB 3-Wheel-Electric-Counterbalance AC-power-control-system FB13-20TCB 3-Wheel-Electric-Counterbalance power-steering

Comfort / Ergonomics:

  • Fully adjustable and full-suspension seat – the seat is equipped with a seat belt and hip restraining design to keep the operator comfortable and safely seated in operations. The seat comes equipped with an emergency locking retractor.
  • Increased head clearance – the new head guard is designed to increase head clearance.
  • Pitching reduction system – this reduces the lurching motion when travelling and increases the operator’s comfort.
  • Improved visibility – with the layout of the front dash, the multifunctional display panel is moved to the right instead of in the center as compared to previous model.

FB13-20TCB 3-Wheel-Electric-Counterbalance easy-to-read-display


  • Park brake alert – when park brake is not engaged with truck is parked, an audible alert will be triggered to warn the operator even when the key is turned off.
  • Mast and travel interlock system- once the operator leaves the seat for more than 2 seconds the trael and hydraulic functions are disabled until the operator returns to the seat.
  • Emergency stop – during an emergency, operator could hit the button on the dash to stop the forklift’s operations in a snap.
FB13-20TCB 3-Wheel-Electric-Counterbalance increased-leg-room

Ease of Use:

  • Wet disc brakes – with the braking components encased in a casing and submersed in oil, this keeps the brakes from the elements and making it perform better and last longer in the interval of servicing
  • Enclosure rating level of IPX4 – The feature allows the forklift to be deployed outdoors, with the truck resistant to water spray from all directions. Working in outdoors is no longer an IC truck’s turf.
  • Soft Landing feature mechanism has been adapted to slow down the speed of the forks when it is descending to the floor during lowering of the forks.



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Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: FB13-20TCB Series
Model: Electric Forklifts
Capacity: 1.3 - 2.0 tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 7000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 3185mm - 3505mm
Tyre Type: Solid/Pneumatic

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