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1.8 to 3.5T Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

Developed to help your operator achieve maximum productivity, Mitsubishi GRENDIA sets the highest of standards for IC engine counterbalance forklifts. No other forklift includes so many advanced features in its standard specification. That's why GRENDIA is such unbeatable value for money. What's more, its durable components, low-maintenance design and fuel economy will continue to keep down the cost of forklift ownership, year after year.

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2.5t MLA Vulcan engine counterbalance forklifts

MLA Vulcan H3 series are designed and manufactured for Australian requirements. The cost-effective MLA Vulcan H3 series are forklifts that deliver a high level of productivity with low initial price and reduced lifetime running cost.

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4.0t to 5.5t Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

The effectiveness and legendary reliability of Mitsubishi 4 and 5 tonne IC engine forklifts has been proved over many years in the most demanding of applications. Generations of forklift owners have grown to love and depend upon these tough and highly capable machines.

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7.0t to 10.0t Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

Famed for their sheer durability, Mitsubishi FD series trucks are built to uncom¬prom-ising standards - for high performance... and lasting performance. Operating costs are minimised, thanks to quality components, low-maintenance design and easy service access.

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10.0t to 16.0t Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

These heavyweight trucks deliver all the productivity and reliability you would expect from a Mitsubishi product - in a rugged, extremely powerful package. And although they are tough in action, they are gentle on the driver and the environment. Low noise, effortless hydraulic control and refined ergonomics make driving a pleasure, while emissions have been minimised to meet the strict European exhaust emissions regulations.

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