Engine Forklifts: 7.0t to 10.0t Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

7.0t to 10.0t Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

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Famed for their sheer durability, Mitsubishi FD series trucks are built to uncompromising standards for high performance... and lasting performance. Operating costs are minimised, thanks to quality components, low-maintenance design and easy service access.

The rugged chassis with planetary final drives and fully floating powertrain ensures smooth yet powerful operation. And because the entire powertrain is manufactured entirely in-house, balance and compatibility are assured. Meanwhile, continuous Mitsubishi research and development in the field of ergonomics has resulted in driver-friendly features that enable productivity to be maintained through the longest of shifts.

Whatever your materials handling need...

Available in two different models with capacities ranging from 6 and 7 tonnes, Mitsubishi heavy duty diesel counterbalance forklifts are built to deliver sturdy, energy efficient and remarkable performance to satisfy your application needs.

Grendia MX series forklifts high level operator comfort, smooth lifting and excellent all round visibility. It is a dynamic forklift that combines revolutionary cutting edge technology with excellent engineering back to optimize productivity and deliver the strength to perform.

Mitsubishi Grendia MX

Mitsubishi forklifts possess the world class standards that offer a remarkable operating experience. Excellent lateral stability, robust structure, and strength to perform in all conditions are distinctive qualities that define the FD60-70NM series.

Standard features of the FD60-70NM series include:

Integrated Presence System - "IPS"

Grendia MX is fitted with Mitsubishi IPS, an integrated active safety system designed to improve forklift safety. It not only ensures safety during forklift operation but also prevents errors when the operator is not seated, protecting both the operator and the workplace from potential accidents.

Mast and Travel Interlock 6-7 lock

Mitsubishi Grendia MX forklifts are equipped with a mast and travel interlock that is linked to the operator's seat. if the operator is not seated, the mast and the movement of the forklift itself, are automatically deactivated in order to prevent injury or damage to property.

Lift Lock

When the ignition switch is at the off position, all fork movement will cease immediately, even if it is at an elevated position. Position of forks will still remain in place if the control levers are accidently bumped or moved.

Integrated LED Monitor

The monitor offers a distinct and easy way to interpret warning symbols that indicate the forklift's with a bright LED lamp.

Sequential Seatbelt Interlock

Complies with latest Australian Standards.

Superior Performance Under Extreme Conditions

Grendia MX forklifts deliver high value, high quality components and low maintenance costs, achieving long lasting performance under extreme conditions.

Fully Floating Powertrain

The rugged chassis with planetary final drives and fully floating powertrain ensures smooth yet powerful operation. And because the entire powertrain is manufactured in-house, balance and compatibility are assured. 6-7 guard

Overhead Guard 

Overhead guard design allows for excellent forward visibility without compromising on operator's safety and comfort outdoors. 

Robust Mast Design

Maximises visibility and safety whilst accomodating the stress imposed by wide loads. The hardened steel mast rail is extremely strong and resists twisting and bending under loads that would cripple some forklifts.

Responsive Hydrostatic Steering

Provides precise handling with minimum driver effort. Operator experiences better comfort and achieves better productivity. Steering wheel is equipped with steering knob to prevent accidental steering slippage.

Ergonomic Design

Components are ergonomically designed to allow operators to work comfortably. A large operating compartment also offers plenty of overhead clearance for boarding and alighting comfort.6-7 seat

Fully Adjustable Suspension Seat

Accomodates drivers of any height and weight. Operator is assured a comfortable ride down a bumpy surface. Seat suspension is also adjustable according to operator's preference. Seat comes with hip restraint and seat belt to ensure operator's safety. 

Centralized Maintenance Area

The N-generation series forklifts have an engine cover that opens fully, and easy to remove side panels, without the use of any tools. The floor plate and radiator cover can be easily removed for even greater accessibility. The maintenance points are easy to access and they are strategically placed to allow for quick inspection or maintenance.


Whatever the application...from timber to metals, construction materials to dockyards, container handling to airfreight, Mitsubishi forklift trucks can deliver the muscle to handle the job.




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Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: FD70NM-FD100NM Series
Model: Engine Forklifts
Capacity: 7.0t to 10.0t tonnes
Fuel Type: Diesel
Maximum Lift Height: 6500mm
Minimum Aisle Width: N/A
Tyre Type: Pneumatic

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