Engine Forklifts: 10.0t to 16.0t Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

10.0t to 16.0t Mitsubishi Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

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These heavy weight forklifts deliver all the productivity and reliability you would expect from a Mitsubishi product - in a rugged, extremely powerful package. And although they are tough in action, they are gentle on the driver and the environment. Low noise, effortless hydraulic control and refined ergonomics make driving a pleasure, while emissions have been minimised to meet the strict European exhaust emissions regulations.

Styling is modern and attractive, and a choice of five capacities is offered to meet every need. Lift speed and gradient performance are exceptional, thanks to the high-powered engine and efficient transmission. High-quality components, protective features and easy service access maximise uptime, while great all-round visibility, a secure operator compartment and the Integrated Presence System (IPS) give peace of mind.

Technology with the power to deliver

Available in five different models with capacities ranging from 10 to 16 tons, Mitsubishi heavy duty diesel counterbalance forklifts are built to deliver robust, energy efficient and powerful performance to satisfy your application needs.

FD100N1-160AN1 series forklifts provide high level drivers' comfort, smooth lifting and excellent all round visibility. It is a dynamic forklift that combines both revolutionary cutting edge technology with excellent engineering back up, and modernized outlook to optimize your productivity.

Optimal Features for Operator Comfort

Integrated Presence System "IPS"

Grendia LX is fitted with Mitsubishi's IPS, an integrated active safety system designed to improve forklift safety by actively detecting problems before they become accidents. It not only ensures safety during forklift operation but also prevents errors when the operator is not seated, protecting both the operator and the workplace from potential accidents.

More Comfort for More Efficiency

The FD100N1-FD160AN1 series is built for added operator comfort. Standard design features such as rubber mounted major components, a fully-insulated steel engine hood, helical transmission gears and fully-enclosed wheel wells all work together to create a smooth driving experience.

Premium Display Panel10-16p

The LED and LCD display panel provides important indicator lights and information to the operator. These indicators help keep the operator informed about the current status of the forklift, whether it's as simple as the amount of fuel in the truck or something more complex such as an issue with oil pressure or fluid temperatures. 

Comfortable Ride

The full-suspension standard vinyl seat provides daylong comfort to operators of various heights.

• Forward and backward adjustment up to 165mm10-16 seat
• Suspension adjustment offers seat support for the operator
• Lower back lumbar adjustment
• Fold down pin allows for easy access to the engine compartment during daily checks and maintenance
• An optional premium cloth seat is also available for operators working long shifts or on rough surfaces

Flexible Cab Options to Meet Your Needs

For harsh or demanding outdoor applications, optional cab packages can be added to your forklift for further protection. These include: front windshield, roof, back windshield, heater, steel doors, air conditioner.

Power and Performance

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks developed this forklift series to deliver everything you need to tackle tough jobs every day – and at an exceptional value. From a durable design to a fuel-efficient and high-performance engine, these forklifts are ready to work when you are.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

The high-performance Perkins™ 1204E 4.4L, in-line, four cylinder engine was engineered for low fuel consumption. This engine is able to provide the productivity you'd expect using a fraction of the fuel, and ultimately, a fraction of the operating cost.

High Performance

This truck's engine features powerfully synchronized dual turbochargers that provide low-speed torque – allowing for controlled, powerful acceleration for maximum productivity.

Durable Frame10-16 engine

Tough applications require durable equipment. These forklifts consist of steel frames for added strength and durability:
• More steel in the frame for added resilience
• Rugged design helps minimize stress points in the frame

Engine Protection

Controlled by the Engine Control Module, the Engine Protection System keeps the forklift running at desirable levels while helping to reduce the risk of damage to the forklift, saving you money. If vital fluids become critically low, or fluid temperatures are too high, RPM levels are automatically lowered and the operator is notified by a light on the dash display. 

Maintenance Made Simple

Simplified maintenance means less downtime and more time on the job. Whether it's scheduled maintenance or a daily inspection, this forklift series makes it easier to get back to work.

• Easy-to-remove floor panel and steel side covers; no tools required
• Greater uptime and lower planned maintenance costs
• Easy access to all major components
• Less time consuming daily inspections
• Extended 500-hour service intervals 10-16ab










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Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: FD100N1-FD160AN1 Series
Model: Engine Forklifts
Capacity: 10.0 - 16.0 tonnes
Fuel Type: Diesel
Maximum Lift Height: 7000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: N/A
Tyre Type: Pneumatic

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