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Mitsubishi 1.6t to 2.0t – Pedestrian Power Pallet Movers

Developed for non-stop performance in the most challenging environments and the tightest spaces, PREMIA ES pedestrian power pallet trucks offer you a comprehensive range of transfer possibilities.

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Mitsubishi 2.0t – Sit-on Power Pallet Movers

For efficient transport of goods over longer distances, look no further than the strong, fast, controllable PBS20N sit-on powered pallet mover.

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Mitsubishi 2.0t – Stand-on Power Pallet Movers

For long distance (over 50 metres) transport and transfer of goods, as well as loading and unloading, you should give your operator the comfort, security and ergonomic benefits of a stand-on or sit-on powered pallet mover.

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MLA Vulcan 1.0t to 2.5t - Hand Pallet Trucks

Top quality doesn't need to come at a high price. Our low-cost hand pallet jacks give you everything you need to do the job – plus a whole lot more.

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Mitsubishi 2.0 – 2.5t – Platform Power Pallet Movers

Sealed, protected, and specifically designed for low maintenance needs in every system, PREMIA EM platform power pallet trucks are built to cope with the most demanding of conditions.

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Mitsubishi 1.6t – Pedestrian Pallet Straddle Stackers

Compact, easy to use and highly versatile, AXIA ES stackers have been developed to deliver exceptional productivity in every setting.

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MLA Vulcan 1.5t – Pedestrian Power Pallet Movers

This light-weight MLA Vulcan Power Pallet Mover is the ideal low-cost alternative to hand pallet trucks. Reduce manual handling risk with this new Lithium battery powered machine.

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