Pallet Movers: Mitsubishi 1.6t – Pedestrian Pallet Straddle Stackers

Mitsubishi 1.6t – Pedestrian Pallet Straddle Stackers

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Compact, easy to use and highly versatile, AXIA ES stackers have been developed to deliver exceptional productivity in every setting. An ergonomic tiller arm and extremely compact powerhead, coupled with a very narrow chassis and outstanding visibility, ensure excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces, such as on board road vehicles or in block stacking.

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The stackers are offered with lifting capacities of 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6 tonnes. All AXIA ES models feature a state-of-the-art tiller arm, designed to protect hands while placing everything within easy reach – for safe, comfortable and controlled operation. For operation on ramps and uneven floors, initial lift (i) models are the best choice. A straddle leg version, SBP16N2S, is available for handling bottom-boarded pallets up to a width of 1200 mm. Foldable platforms for occasional ride-on use are available on the 1.2 to 1.6 tonne stackers.

Feature Focus:

Mitsubishi gives you more

One reason why Mitsubishi products give such great value for money is that every model enjoys a high specification. Features that other manufacturers might present to you as optional extras – for which you will have to pay more – are included as standard on Mitsubishi forklifts. Here are just a couple of examples to illustrate the high level of equipment you will find throughout the Mitsubishi warehouse range.

User-friendly tiller arm

The state-of-the-art tiller arm fitted to all Mitsubishi pedestrian and platform trucks has been designed to meet the operator’s every need. Its aluminium shaft is light but very strong. The rubber hand grips are comfortable, slip-free and ergonomically shaped for easy reach of the controls. The special shape of the crossbar deflects obstacles away from the tiller arm and the operator’s hand – protecting both the truck and the operator. Also standard is a creep speed function and tiller arm lock bypass, for maximum control and safety.

1.0-1.6 pedestrian-stacker wide-range-of-accessories 1.0-1.6 pedestrian-stacker optional-ergonomic-levers 1.0-1.6 pedestrian-stacker waterproof-electric-components

Unbeatable views

Mitsubishi is well known for the advanced design of its clear-view masts, which provide exceptional forward vision. Similar attention is paid to ensuring visibility through the roof, front, back and sides of the overhead guard, where present. Even the general shape of each truck is deliberately designed to maximise the all-round view and keep the operator in complete control.

An unrivalled reputation for reliability

If you ask Mitsubishi customers what they like best about the brand, the word that comes up time and time again is ‘reliability’. Whether they are talking about their Mitsubishi counterbalance forklifts or their Mitsubishi warehouse equipment, the answer is the same.

This comes as no surprise to us, as we deliberately build reliability and serviceability into every facet of every model we make. We use high-quality components, for greater durability. We design systems that minimise wear and reduce service costs. And then we back our forklifts up with amazing warranties, rapid parts supply and expert maintenance – all delivered through a network of friendly local dealers who have been handpicked for their facilities, knowledge and commitment to customer service.

Add up the advantages...and feel the difference

AC (alternating current) drive motors have given these pedestrian stackers a number of added advantages – including higher economy, energy efficiency and power. An ergonomic tiller arm and extremely compact powerhead, combined with a very narrow chassis and excellent visibility, makes them highly manoeuvrable in even the smallest of spaces. They can be used, for example, on board road vehicles, in block stacking or in congested areas.

The stackers are offered with lifting capacities of 1.0, 1.2 or 1.6 ton. The SBP10N will stack pallets to a maximum of 3.3 m, while the SBP16N will go up to 5.4 m, and every model is also well suited to carrying loads over distances of around 50 m. For operation on ramps or uneven floors, initial lift models SBP12NI and SBP16NI are the best choice. For handling bottom-boarded pallets, straddle leg models SBP12NS and SBP16NS are available. In all seven models the state-of-the-art, simple-to-use tiller arm design protects hands and places everything within easy reach for safe, comfortable, controlled operation.

  • AC (alternating current) drive motor means lower maintenance requirements, lower energy consumption and greater power – as well as excellent traction and ramp performance.
  • Programmable controller allows acceleration, speed and braking to be matched to each application.
  • State-of-the-art tiller arm offers the ultimate in ergonomic design, comfort and safety.

1.0-1.6 pedestrian-stacker clearview-mast 1.0-1.6 pedestrian-stacker excellent-visibility-fork-tips 1.0-1.6 pedestrian-stacker low-ground-clearance

Add up the advantages... and feel the difference

  • Regenerative braking gives effective control, reduced brake wear and longer shift life.
  • Battery discharge indicator and hour meter with lift cut-out are fitted as standard for battery protection and monitoring of truck use.
  • Battery roller system allows rapid battery exchange.
  • Small turning circle together with compact chassis and excellent visibility means exceptional manoeuvrability.
  • Stepless lifting and lowering gives even smoother mast movement on 1.6 ton models, as standard, and on 1.2 ton models as an option.
  • Robust construction offers exceptional durability in all working conditions.
  • Parking brake is automatically activated when power is shut off, for extra safety on ramps.
  • On-board diagnostics and fault memory folder speed up servicing and help prevent damage.
  • Optional inbuilt charger simply plugs into a power socket for convenient recharging.
  • Easy-to-operate controls reduce fatigue and maintain productivity.
  • Creep speed function and tiller arm lock bypass are included as standard for maximum control and safety.
  • Rapid access features give quick and easy entry to all areas for checks and maintenance.
  • Clear display alerts operators and service engineers to potential problems – helping to avoid damage and encourage maintenance.



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Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: SBP16N2S Series
Model: Warehouse Forklifts
Capacity: 1.6 tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 5400mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 2415mm
Tyre Type: Vulkollan

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