Warehouse Forklifts: 1.0t – High Level Order Pickers

1.0t – High Level Order Pickers

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Unbeatable at heights…and ergonomically supreme

The OPBHN order picker series offers unprecedented levels of efficiency in the use of warehouse space. With an ability to pick at heights from 4.7 m to an amazing 11.5 m – the highest in the market – and to operate in the narrowest of aisles, not a single cubic metre will be wasted! What’s more, the unique design of these trucks will allow your operator to work comfortably and pick quickly from the safe environment of the cabin.

Both models feature the revolutionary Visionmast, with its remarkably clear views and high residual capacities. The innovative Active Sway Control (ASC), fitted as standard for masts with lifting heights of 5.1m or more, reduces delays due to mast sway by 50% in typical applications.

Choose the high performance 48V OPBH10NH model and you will get AC powered hydraulics as well as drive – generating the highest lift speed in the market. But both this model and the 24V OPBH10N are equipped with every possible aid to the operator. Suitable for rail guided, wire guided or non-guided applications, each comes with a choice of specifications to meet particular needs – including different chassis and cabin widths, battery capacities, control layouts and rail guide heights.

  • Active Sway Control (ASC) technology increases operator's productivity, safety and comfort.
  • Unique ergolift design with lifting mechanism below cabin floor results in thinner cabin wall which – together with pallet lift (up to 750 cm) – makes load easier to reach.
  • Unique side gates are comfortable to lean against (due to smooth shape) and easy to open (due to lightweight aluminium construction).
  • Split control unit design further enhances access to load and reduces risk of accidental operation of controls while leaning outwards.
  • Ergonomic controls include joystick and inductive hand detector (allowing operation only if both hands are within cabin) for safe, precise operation within the aisle.
  • Location of controls can be fork side or mast side, according to choice, to suit application.
  • Triplex mast can be chosen for applications requiring restriction in overall lowered height.
  • Revolutionary Visionmast offers unrivalled forward vision when travelling with forks trailing – and high residual capacities.
  • Powerful AC hydraulic motor on OPBH10NH provides smooth, controlled, rapid lifting – the fastest in the market.
user-friendly-joystick-control clear-display smooth-lightweight-gates view-through-floor
Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: OPBH10N(H) Series
Model: Warehouse Forklifts
Capacity: 1.0 tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 10000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 1400mm
Tyre Type: Vulkollan

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