Reach Trucks: 1.4t - 2.0t - Mitsubishi Sit-on Reach Trucks

1.4t - 2.0t - Mitsubishi Sit-on Reach Trucks

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Today's demanding warehouse applications call for advanced reach trucks. This innovative truck is designed to deliver what you need, every day, every shift. Outstanding features such as energy-efficient AC drive and hydraulic motors, regenerative braking system, performance mode setting and on-board diagnostics, are built and configured to your performance needs.

Mitsubishi forklift trucks are built to deliver Performance with Efficiency, and Safety with Comfort, to enable you to reach new heights in productivity. Indeed, delivering what you need is our obsession.

This outstanding reach truck range brings together a tremendous package of features that will keep your driver happy. And a happy driver is a productive driver! AC technology and advanced electronic systems combine to make all fork movement, travel and manoeuvring quiet, smooth and precise. From a spacious, comfortable operator compartment, with an amazingly clear all-round view and a host of features for the driver's convenience, the truck's power is directed via the latest in user-friendly controls and instruments.

For employers, these forklifts promise the height of reliability. You will enjoy efficient, worry-free, low-cost operation, with durable components, electronic diagnostics and easy service access keeping downtime to a minimum. To meet every need, a choice of ten models is offered - including high performance versions for the most demanding applications, straddle legs for handling wider pallets and compact chassis for use with drive-in racking. A range of specialised optional features, as well as full programmability to suit every driver and task, add further versatility.

RBF-CA Series - The Edge of Innovation

RBF-CA Series, one of the most reliable and versatile reach trucks in the industry that performs without compromise in standards. Whether it's used to lift, transport or maneuver your goods within the warehouse environment, you can be ensured of its compact structure and powerful drive system that never fail to outperform your expectations.

RBF-CA series employs a sophisticated SICOS-AC system ( Super Intelligent Control System for AC Control ), featuring a new type of controller that is fully compatibte with the AC system, that is now able to exhibit powerful and more advanced capabilities. By integrating travel, hydraulic and electrical power steering functions into one functional AC system, the operator is now empowered to work more efficiently and comfortably.

rbf c

Practical Controls

Advanced Steering and Multi-Display

The 360 degree Electric Power Steering provides a comprehensive driving experience. Both wheel direction and forklift information are displayed onto the digital display for a clear indication of the truck's real time status.

Self-Diagnosis Function

With SICOS-AC, RBF-CA can perform self-diagnosis and display real time error code messages on the display panel to alert the operator.

Drive Mode Settings

Three modes of travel setting (Economy, Neutral, Power) are configured in the RBF-CA to accomodate the operator's experience and the different site conditions. Thus, it enhances the operator's confidence to operate the truck efficiently at any warehouse setting.

Enhanced Work Efficiency

Superior Drive Performance

Experience high efficient driving, lifting and turning with our unique SICOS - AC System, which provides optimal control over the powerful travel and hydraulic motors' performance. It is highly versatile to suit any operators' skill level and is specifically designed for safer operation.

Tight Turning Ability

By completely re-designing the frame, we've reduced the minimum turning radius and right angle stacking aisle width. As a result, with the newly adopted 360 degree endless steering, Mitsubishi now lead the industry in achieving space efficiency. 

Smooth, Powerful Lifting

Both mast and chassis rigidity have been reinforced with a newly designed structure to ensure maximum stability.

Improved Visibility

Visibility within the chassis is excellent. Vertically designed bars are aligned with the operator's vision. By mounting the free lift cylinder diagonally and away from the mast symmetry, the operator's forward view vision has improved with limited obstruction. rbf view

Active Safety and Easy Maintenance

rbf bat

Travel-Speed-Sensitive Lift Speed Control

This advanced safety innovation automatically slows lift speed and rotation when travel exceeds a set speed.

Neutral Safety Feature

The Neutral Safety Feature prevents the truck from sudden movement if the key switch is turned on while the accelerator is depressed or during operation of the hydraulic lever.

Battery Forward Pull-Out System

Thanks to our convenient mast reach-out feature, the battery can be pulled out toward the front. This greatly simplifies battery refilling and monitoring of battery electrolyte levels. It also eliminates the need for a battery table.

Automatic Power-Off

To reduce power consumption, the power is automatically shut off when the truck is left idle for 15 minutes or more.

Operation Interlock System

If the operator is not seated for more then two seconds, both travelling and hydraulic operations will be automatically interlocked.

Ease of Accessibility

The drive unit cover under the operator's seat can be fully opened, to provide more convenient access and easier maintenance.





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Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: RBF14CA-RBF20CA Series
Sub Category Warehouse Forklifts
Capacity: 1.4 - 2.0 tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 10000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 2630mm - 2945mm
Tyre Type: Urethane

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