Nichiyu Reach Truck, Narrow Aisle- 1400kg to 2,000kg Capacity

Nichiyu Reach Truck, Narrow Aisle- 1400kg to 2,000kg Capacity

FBRF 14/16/20 


Reach trucks must meet three basic criteria: fast travel, high lift capability and compact design. The Nichiyu FBRF series clearly excels at all three.
Featuring outstanding comfort and advanced functions, this design encompasses all the elements necessary to maximize overall safety, durability, and the versatility to handle any work environment. Nichiyu FBRF series provide unrivalled compact Reach Truck operation and require exceptionally low maintenance.

Easy management of multiple functions is integral to the Nichiyu FBRF Reach Truck. Inco/rporating the Nichiyu SICO (Super Intelligent Control System) allows the forklift operational parameters such as maximum travel speed, acceleration, deceleration and lifting speed to be configured to meet the requirements of any warehouse operational.

When lifting loads in narrow aisles stability is paramount. The Nichiyu FBRF refined chassis and ridged mast design ensure stability even in the highest lifts. Standard features like tilting carriage and integral side shift result in stable load handling and no capacity reduction to 7m.

• Standard Advanced Feature
• All Electric AC Drive – Environmentally Friendly
• Regenerative Braking – Reduced Operational Cost
• 360° Electric Steering – Light and Precise
• Fork Soft Landing Feature – Protects Freight
• Integral Side Shift – Minimises Overall Truck Length
• Tilting Carriage – More Tilt and More Capacity
• Multifunction Display – Operator Remains Aware
• Comfortable Suspension Seat– Reduces Operator Fatigue
• Improved Visibility – Improved Productivity
• Spacious Cabin – Increased Operator Comfort
• Complies with Australian Standard AS2359 – Australian Compliance

Advanced technologies ensure greater operational safety and security
• Automatic Parking Brake – Improves Safety
• Operation Interlock System – Reduced Risk of Injury
• Emergency Stop Button – In Case of Emergency
• Mast Options to over 10m – High Rack Tight Aisle

Brand: Nichiyu
Model Name: FBRF
Model: Warehouse Forklifts
Capacity: 1.4 - 2.0tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 1000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 2630mm - 2945mm
Tyre Type: Urethane