Nichiyu Stand-on Reach Truck, Narrow Aisle- 1400kg to 3,000kg Capacity

Nichiyu Stand-on Reach Truck, Narrow Aisle- 1400kg to 3,000kg Capacity

Nichiyu PLATTER FBR 14/16/18/20/25/30 – 80


You’ll know the difference the moment you set foot on the new Nichiyu PLATTER Stand-on Reach Truck.
Outstanding stability and traveling performance contribute to reliable operation. Sensors detect the status of travel and hydraulic operation. Depending on the situation the automatic suspension can lock the control linkage, thus stabilising the unit in turns and hydraulic operations.

The eco-friendly performance of the PLATTER has evolved with features such as Eco Switch and customisable operational settings. In Eco mode the daily power consumption is cut by 15%. The new Automatic Power-Off feature reduces power consumption further by disconnecting if the forklift is idle for more than 15 minutes.

The Nichiyu PLATTER Stand-on Reach Truck is a great choice for applications that have tight aisles and uneven floors.

• Standard Advanced Feature
• All Electric AC Drive – Environmentally Friendly
• Regenerative Braking – Reduced Operational Cost
• Electric Power Steering – Light and Precise
• Integral Side Shift – Minimises Overall Truck Length
• Tilting Carriage – More Tilt and More Capacity
• Multifunction Display – Operator Remains Aware
• Improved Visibility – Improved Productivity
• Complies with Australian Standard AS2359 – Australian Compliance

Advanced technologies ensure greater operational safety and security
• Automatic Parking Brake– Improves Safety
• Operation Interlock System – Reduced Risk of Injury
• Emergency Stop Button – In Case of Emergency
• Improved Stability – Safer Turning and Lifting
• Anti-Slip Control – Smooth Operation



Brand: Nichiyu
Model Name: FBR14/30-80
Model: Warehouse Forklifts
Capacity: 0.9 - 3.0 tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 6000mm - 7000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 2475mm - 2945mm
Tyre Type: Urethane